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Graphics Designing
Course in Lahore

Welcome to our exclusive Graphics Designing Course, where we empower you with essential skills through our comprehensive in-house classes. Whether you're a novice or looking to enhance your graphic design prowess, our training program covers everything from fundamental design principles to creating custom graphics using various tools and techniques.


Class 1: Fundamentals of Graphic Design

  • Lesson Plans:
    • Introduction to graphic design principles
    • Understanding the importance of visual communication
    • Overview of design software and tools
  • Learning Objectives:
    • Establish foundational knowledge in graphic design principles
    • Recognize the role of visual communication in digital media
    • Familiarity with essential design software and tools

Class 2: Typography and Layout Design

  • Lesson Plans:
    • Basics of typography and font selection
    • Layout design for digital platforms
  • Learning Objectives:
    • Master the art of effective typography
    • Understand principles of layout design for digital media

Class 3: Color Theory and Digital Palettes

  • Lesson Plans:
    • Understanding color theory
    • Creating digital color palettes
  • Learning Objectives:
    • Apply color theory principles in digital design
    • Develop and use effective color palettes for digital media

Class 4: Image Editing and Manipulation

  • Lesson Plans:
    • Introduction to image editing software (e.g., Adobe Photoshop)
    • Basic image manipulation techniques
  • Learning Objectives:
    • Acquire skills in image editing using industry-standard software
    • Apply basic image manipulation techniques for digital media

Class 5: Vector Graphics and Illustration

  • Lesson Plans:
    • Introduction to vector graphics (e.g., Adobe Illustrator)
    • Creating digital illustrations
  • Learning Objectives:
    • Familiarity with vector graphics and illustration tools
    • Develop the ability to create digital illustrations

Class 6: Web and App Design Basics

  • Lesson Plans:
    • Understanding web and app design principles
    • Creating design elements for digital interfaces
  • Learning Objectives:
    • Comprehend design principles specific to web and app interfaces
    • Develop design elements suitable for digital platforms

Class 7: Social Media Graphics

  • Lesson Plans:
    • Designing graphics for social media platforms
    • Creating engaging visuals for digital marketing
  • Learning Objectives:
    • Develop skills in designing graphics tailored for social media
    • Understand the role of visuals in digital marketing

Class 8: Motion Graphics and Animation

  • Lesson Plans:
    • Basics of motion graphics
    • Introduction to animation tools
  • Learning Objectives:
    • Gain proficiency in creating basic motion graphics
    • Understand fundamental principles of animation for digital media

Class 9: Branding and Logo Design

  • Lesson Plans:
    • Principles of branding and brand identity
    • Creating impactful logos for digital use
  • Learning Objectives:
    • Understand the importance of branding in digital design
    • Develop skills in designing memorable logos for digital media

Class 10: UI/UX Design Concepts

  • Lesson Plans:
    • Basics of UI/UX design
    • Creating user-friendly digital interfaces
  • Learning Objectives:
    • Grasp fundamental UI/UX design concepts
    • Develop skills in creating user-friendly digital interfaces

Class 11: Print vs. Digital Design Considerations

  • Lesson Plans:
    • Understanding differences in print and digital design
    • Adapting designs for various media
  • Learning Objectives:
    • Recognize considerations when designing for print vs. digital
    • Adapt designs effectively for different media

Class 12: Portfolio Building and Presentation

  • Lesson Plans:
    • Creating a professional design portfolio
    • Effective presentation of design work
  • Learning Objectives:
    • Develop a professional design portfolio
    • Master the art of presenting design work effectively

Class 13: Industry Trends and Future Developments in Graphic Design

  • Lesson Plans:
    • Emerging trends in graphic design
    • Future developments and technologies
  • Learning Objectives:
    • Stay informed about industry trends and innovations in graphic design
    • Understand the evolving landscape of graphic design for digital media

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Explore Digital Excellence with ONVA Trainings: Graphics Designing Course in Lahore, Pakistan

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Our comprehensive Graphics Designing course in Lahore covers fundamentals to advanced techniques, ensuring a holistic learning experience within a short timeframe.

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Graphics Designing is the catalyst for visual identity and creative success in today’s digital world.

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Who Should Join ONVA Trainings

Our user-friendly Graphics Designing courses are suitable for anyone passionate about creative success. Basic computer knowledge is all you need to navigate the visual landscape.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the conceptual workings of Graphics Designing.
  • Craft visually compelling designs.
  • Gain expertise in analyzing and optimizing visual content performance.

Join ONVA Trainings: Your Path to Graphics Designing Mastery

Whether you’re a beginner or aiming to enhance your visual storytelling prowess, ONVA Trainings is your mentor in unlocking the full potential of Graphics Designing. Join us on this creative journey to explore boundless opportunities in the digital visual world.