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WordPress Development Course
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Welcome to our exclusive WordPress Development Course, where we empower you with essential skills through our comprehensive in House classes. Whether you're a novice or looking to enhance your web development prowess, our training program covers everything from installing WordPress to creating custom Website with Themes and Plugins.

A Quick Course Outline: WordPress Development

Module 1:

Introduction to WordPress and Website Structure 

Module 2:

Domain, Hosting and SEO Basics (Practical)

Module 3:

WordPress Basics and UI,UX (Practical)

Module 4:

WordPress Plugins and Themes Customization and  Functionality (Practical)

Module 5:

WordPress Website Designing (Practical)

Module 6:

Website Optimization (Practical)

Module 7:

WordPress Security and Maintenance

Module 8:

Ecommerce Store Structure and Development. (Practical)

Module 9:

Advanced WordPress Development Techniques (Practical)

Module 10:

WordPress Performance Optimization

Module 11:

Bonus Freelancing (Fiverr, LinkedIn)

Module 12:

Bonus Website Marketing 

Module 13:

Portfolio Growth.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the fundamentals of WordPress and the structure of a website.

  • Gain practical knowledge of domain registration, web hosting, and the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • Navigate the WordPress dashboard with ease and implement user-friendly UI/UX practices.

  • Customize and enhance WordPress functionality through plugins and themes.

  • Develop aesthetically pleasing WordPress websites using design principles and practical hands-on projects.

  • Optimize website performance, speed, and user experience for optimal functionality.

  • Implement security measures and learn maintenance techniques to ensure the stability and safety of WordPress websites.

  • Build and customize an E-commerce store using practical applications and real-world scenarios.

  • Explore advanced development techniques, expanding skills in WordPress customization and functionality.

  • Implement strategies to optimize the performance of WordPress websites for efficiency and speed.

  • Learn freelancing basics, with a focus on platforms like Fiverr and LinkedIn for professional growth.

  • Understand website marketing strategies to enhance online visibility and engagement.

  • Develop and showcase an expanded portfolio reflecting acquired skills and completed projects.

Student's Reviews

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Do you know?, our Students earn averagely  50,000 PKR Per Project.

Other's Price
Others Price
PKR 50,000 WordPress Developement
❌On-Site Face to Face Learning
❌Free Freelancing Class
❌Learn to Market Yourself as a Brand
❌Learn Inside Secrets and Tips of Freelancing Industry
❌Earning Internationally
Our Discounted Price
PKR 10,000 WordPress Development
✔️On-Site Face to Face Learning
✔️Free Freelancing Class
✔️Learn to Market Yourself as a Brand
✔️Learn Inside Secrets and Tips of Freelancing Industry
✔️Earn at least 50,000 Per Project

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